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shotcrete machines for mines

Welcome to Group R Mining & Exploration

Group R aims to provide specialized technical mining services on contract to all types of mines including major diamond, gold, platinum and copper mines throughout Africa.

Major Clients

Some of our major clients over the last five years include Vedanta Recources (Zambia), Rand Gold (Mali - West Africa) and Soremi Copper (Republic of Kongo)

The Group is a leader in:

  • Mechanized Mining (underground and surface), Civils and Construction
  • Development and Tunnel Support
  • Robotic Shotcreting (Design & Manufacture and Operate)
  • Project Design and Zero-Based Costing Estimates

The Difference

A significant gap in mining for comprehensive, integrated, innovative solutions led to the formation of The Group. The Group aims to provide our clients with superior service, high quality product and pioneering solutions. We believe that, by using the combined skills and extensive experience our clients could derive the best possible project design, management and implementation with optimal benefits in costs, time and profitability.