Mining Services

Group R Lines of Service


Underground Mechanised Development and Stoping Projects

Group R has provided specialised mining services over the last 20 years to:

  • De Beers – Finsch, Cullinan and Koffiefontein Operations
  • AngloGold – Ashanti
  • Gold Fields
  • Anglo Platinum
  • Anglo American (Plc)
  • Rio Tinto – Palaborwa Mining Company

Group R believes in a long term vision – and that long term benefits are not worth sacrificing for short terms gains. As such Group R seeks to build ongoing quality relationships with their clients based on a mutually beneficial partnership.

Underground Large Excavations and Silos Construction

Over the years Group R has been instrumental in bringing a Civil Engineering mindset to mining in South Africa in both underground and above ground developments. With many years of practical, hands-on experience across a host of different disciplines Group R is able to provide a comprehensive end-to-end approach to mine planning and development – along with the technical expertise and skills necessary to implement projects.

Group R has expertise in the following areas;

  • Underground Civil Construction (including Roadways, Tips, Dust Plants);
  • Batching Plant Management
  • Mass Void Filling using either aerated cement or high strength concrete
  • Large Underground Excavations
  • Arch Sets/Steel Arch Installations
  • Vent Seals
  • Redundant Shaft reopening and re-accessing
  • Ore Pass Rehabilitation

Robotic Shotcreting and Total Mine Support Applications

While shotcrete has evolved as a means and method for ground control enhancing safety and speed in a mining environment, so too have the demands for increasingly faster and safer placement. The development of sophisticated equipment for the application of shotcrete has become the rule rather than the exception both in mining and larger excavation projects. These have developed from hand-held devices to larger more effective and safer machines. This has created a whole new specialization – Robotic Shotcreting. We “Supply and Apply”.

Group R has been involved through the evolution of the shotcrete sector, being involved in both shotcrete methods and methodology and also equipment manufacture. As a result Group R is at the leading edge of both practices and the design and manufacture of solutions, including machinery.

 Manufacture & Supply of Standard & Customised Mining Plant and Equipment

Group R manufactures and re-furbishes plant and specialised equipment, including LHD’s, drill rigs, robotic shotcreters amongst others.

Group R has developed expertise in both the manufacturing of custom designed equipment (OEM) along with the operations and maintenance of this equipment by designing, building and operating this equipment across a range of different projects over a long period of time. This expertise is offered to clients wishing to acquire (buy or lease) their own equipment.

Critical to the successful operation of this equipment is robust design, thorough training and certification and ongoing systematic maintenance. All of these are included in the Group R offering enabling clients to unlock the value within their own operations, in an ongoing partnership with Group R.


Project Management

The Group R operating companies bring a vast wealth and depth of experience in mass mining, remote area mobilisation and a civil engineering culture to the underground mining environment which provides added value benefits for clients.

Engineering Solutions and Conveyor Systems Installations

Group R has successfully provided a range of large and small scale engineering solutions. These are customised to the needs and requirements of each situation.

An specialised area of expertise is the installation and maintenance of conveyor systems – again custom designed to meet the current and ongoing needs and situational requirements.


Drop Raise, Raise Boring and Blind Hole Drilling

Group R has a vast experience in various longhole drilling and blasting applications in the Gold and Platinum Mining Industries. With innovations like Man-Free Boxhole development, such as Inverted Raising and Drop Raising, a safe approach on electric-hydraulic box hole development gives us a leading edge.

The Group R and Atlantis Drilling alliance partnership was established to provide specialised drilling to our clients – as a result we are able to meet all drilling requirements including Raise Boring.